Thursday, March 24, 2011

The game "Ether Vapor"

Today I played the game Ether Vapor again. This is the 4th time I've cleared this game! (>_<)b

The game was released at 12/31/2007. Wow, that's 3 years ago... The group are still working on their latest game however still no update since January. I like Ether Vapor very much. As a computer science student, I always want to implement something that can inspire myself and also make profit. Ether Vapor was come from an idea of the administrator of the group, Nal. He started working on the game since 2005. He spent early 3 years to finish that game and release it for only 1500JPY each!

I saw this game first time when I was a junior undergraduate student. I don't have time to build a game at that time, also I don't have the skills to do so... But I think I can actually start to create something that I'm interested in. People always say that doing what you want is actually a kind of happiness. That's true!

Therefore, I'm going to first work on some books about computer graphics and try to figure out which kind of technologies I'm going to use. For now, I can build 3D models through 3ds max and code games through XNA... But that's not enough. The aim is to build tomorrow games today!

Finally, I want to express my thankfulness to the staff of Ether Vapor. You guys did a great job! And you have inspired a programmer to brave enough to build a better world!

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