Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Add SD card contents to Windows Library

1. Click start, type CMD and then CTRL+ALT+Enter. This will run the command prompt with adminstrator permissions, and you should receive a UAC popup. The resulting command prompt will be at c:\windows\system32 2. Type cd \ and hit Enter to get back to the root of the c: drive 3. Type mklink /D /J SDHC D:\ and hit Enter. 4. Now go into Windows Explorer and browse to the root of the C: drive. You should see what appears to be a folder shortcut icon next to SDHC, however if you open it you will see from the address bar that Windows still thinks you're inside the directory C:\SDHC\whatever while you're really browsing your own SD card. 5. Go to each of your libraries, click 2 locations at the top of the window, and add the appropriate folders on your memory card by browsing through C:\SDHC